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- Post-doctoral position in Photonics

  • Theme High energy and large band fiber optical parametric amplifier in topographic fibers
  • Research team : Nonlinear optics group of the photonic team, PHLAM laboratory, Lille, France. This team is based in the IRCICA institute.
  • Mission : The aim of the project is to develop high energetic large gain bands fiber optical parametric amplifiers at 1 μm. This project is in collaboration with the French atomic agency of Bordeaux. The candidate will have to design and characterize the fiber that will be fabricated in our own drawing tower facility FibertechLille. The group is composed of 9 people (3 permanents+6post doc/PhD students) and the lab very well equipped to conduct experiments (fs to cw lasers, high band pass oscillo, time lens system, optical sampling oscillo...).
  • Candidate skills : Experimental fiber optics, nonlinear optics, numerical simulations (Split step Fourier).
  • Duration 1,5 years
  • Contact

    Prof. Arnaud Mussot (

  • Starting date : before end 2017

- Post-doctoral position in Molecular Quantum Dynamics (Group PCMT)

  • Theme Quantum dynamical study of small molecules adsorbed on organic surfaces (soots).
  • Keywords Quantum dynamics, MCTDH, electronic structure (excited states).
  • Candidate Profile
    • Expertise on MCTDH quantum dynamics, on construction of vibronic coupling Hamiltonians and on electronic structure calculations for excited electronic states.
    • Experience in chemical reactivity is a plus.
  • Duration One year (Possibility of a one-year extension is conditional upon results)
  • Contact
  • Deadline 23 of November 2016

- Post-doctoral position in Systems Biology (published February 6, 2016)

  • Theme Dynamical heat shock responses in normal and cancer cells
  • Keywords Dynamics of Biochemical network, Stress Response, Cancer therapy.
  • Candidate Profile
    • Candidate with a physics background with previous research experience on biological systems,
    • Or, candidate with a biology background trained to image analysis and quantitative data analysis.
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  • Contact Emmanuel Courtade : - François Anquez :

- Post-doctoral position in the heavy element group

  • Theme Quantum chemical studies of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of uranyl nitrates in liquid phase
  • Required skills : knowledge of ab initio (DFT and post Hartree-Fock) methods
  • Additional skills : thermodynamics and kinetics in aqueous phase
  • Contact Valérie Vallet - - [Florent Réal :

- Post-doctoral position in computational systems biology