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Séminaire de Chul Un Ru

par Manuel GOUBET - publié le

Combined use of single particle analytical techniques for characterization of atmospheric aerosol particles.

Pr. Chul Un Ru
Inha University, Incheon, Corée du Sud

In this talk, the combined application of quantitative energy-dispersive electron probe X-ray microanalysis (ED-EPMA) (called low-Z particle EPMA),Raman microspectrometry (RMS), and attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic (ATR-FTIR) imaging for the analysis of the same individual airborne particles will be presented.
After examining individual particles of micrometer size by low-Z particle EPMA, consecutive examinations by RMS and ATR-FTIR imaging of the same individual particles were then performed. The relocation of the same particles on Al or Ag foils was successfully carried out among the three standalone instruments for several standard and an indoor airborne particle samples, resulting in the successful acquisition of quality spectral data from the three single-particle analytical techniques. The combined application of the three techniques to several different standard particles confirmed that those techniques provided consistent and complementary chemical composition information on the same individual particles. Further, it was clearly demonstrated that the three different types of spectral and imaging data from the same individual particles in an indoor aerosol sample provided richer information on physicochemical characteristics of the particle ensemble than that obtainable by the combined use of two single-particle analytical techniques.