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Ouvrages et chapitres d’ouvrage

  • M. Ziskind, A. Faccinetto, P. Desgroux, E. Therssen, C. Focsa, "Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons adsorbed on soot surface by laser desorption, laser ionization and mass spectrometry”, in “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons : Pollution, Health Effects and Chemistry”, Eds. P.A. Haines & M.D. Hendrickson, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge NY, USA (2009), pp. 231-248.

Articles et actes dans des revues à comité de lecture

  • Optoelectronic difference-frequency synthesiser : terahertz-waves for high-resolution spectroscopy, L. Aballea and L.F. Constantin, Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys. 45, 21201 (2009).
  • Terpenes in the gas phase : The structural conformation of S-(-)-perillaldehyde investigated by microwave spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations, J. R. Aviles Moreno, F. Partal Urena, J. J. Lopes Gonzales, T. R. Huet, Chem. Phys. Lett. 473 17-20 (2009)
  • Free gas and gas hydrates from the sea of Marmara, Turkey, Chemical and structural characterization, C. Bourry, B. Chazallon, J. L. Charlou, J. P. Donval, L. Ruffine, P. Henry, L. Geli, M. Cagatay, S. Inan, M. Moreau, Chem. Geol. 264 197-206 (2009)
  • Nuclear spin conversion in NH3, P. Cacciani, J. Cosléou, M. Khelkhal, M. Tudorie, C. Puzzarini, P. Pracna, Phys. Rev. A 80 042507 (2009)
  • Rotational spectrum of 13C2-methyl formate (HCOO13CH3) and detection of the two 13C-methyl formate in Orion, M. Carvajal, L. Margulès, B. Tercero, K. Demyk, I. Kleiner, J. C. Guillemin, V. Lattanzi, A. Walters, J. Demaison, G. Wlodarczak, T. R. Huet, H. Møllendal, V. V. Ilyushin, and J. Cernicharo, Astron. & Astrophys. 500 1109-1118 (2009)
  • Equilibrium CAs and CSb bond lengths, J. Demaison, H. Mollendal, J.-C. Guillemin, J. Mol. Struct. 930 21-25 (2010)
  • Laser ablation of AsxSe100-x chalcogenide glasses : Plume investigations, C. Focsa, P. Nemec, M. Ziskind, C. Ursu, S. Gurlui, V. Nazabal, Appl. Surf. Sci. 255 5307-5311 (2009)
  • Influence of the geometry of a hydrogen bond on conformational stability : a theoretical and experimental study of ethyl carbamate, M. Goubet, R. A. Motiyenko, F. Réal, L. Margulès, T. R. Huet, P. Asselin, P. Soulard, A. Krasnicki, Z. Kisiel and E. A. Alekseev, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 11 1719-1728 (2009)
  • Anharmonic force field and equilibrium structure of nitric acid, C. Gutle, J. Demaison, H. D. Rudolph, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 254 99-107 (2009)
  • Theoretical investigation of the Omega states of K2 dissociating up to K(4p2P3/2 )+K(4p2P3/2), A. Jraij, A. R. Allouche, S. Magnier & M. Aubert-Frécon, J. Chem. Phys. 130 244307 (2009)
  • (C2H2)-C-12-Ar van der Waals complex, C. Lauzin, K. Didriche, P. Macko, et al., J. Phys. Chem. A 113 2359-2365 (2009)
  • Experimental comparison of soot formation in turbulent flames of Diesel and surrogate Diesel fuels, R. Lemaire, A. Faccinetto, E. Therssen, M. Ziskind, C. Focsa, P. Desgroux, Proc. Combust. Inst. 32 737-744 (2009)
  • The Rotational Spectrum of NSF3 in the Ground and v5=1 Vibrational States : Observation of Q-branch Perturbation-allowed Transitions with Δ(k-l) = 0, ±3, ±6 and Anomalies in the Rovibrational Structure of the v5=1 State, S. Macholl, H. Mäder, H. Harder, L. Margulès, P. Dréan, J. Cosléou, J. Demaison, and P. Pracna, J. Phys. Chem. A 113 668-679 (2009)
  • Rotational transitions within the ν2, ν3, ν4 and ν6 bands of formaldehyde H2 12C 16O, L. Margulès, A. Perrin, R. Janečkovà, S. Bailleux, C. P. Endres, T. F. Giessen, and S. Schlemmer, Can. J. Phys 87 425-435 (2009)
  • The microwave spectrum of the mono deuterated species of methyl formate HCOOCH2D, L. Margulès, L. H. Coudert, H. Møllendal, J. -C. Guillemin, T. R. Huet, R. Janečkovà, J. Mol. spectrosc. 254 55-68 (2009)
  • Breakdown of the reduction of the rovibrational Hamiltonian : the case of S18O2F2, L. Margulès, A. Perrin, J. Demaison, I. Merke, H. Willner, M. Rotger, and V. Boudon, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 256 232-237 (2009)
  • Rotational Spectrum of deuterated and 15N ethyl cyanide : CH3CH2CN and CH2DCH2CN and of CH3CH2C15N, L. Margulès, R. Motiyenko, K. Demyk, B. Tercero, J. Cernicaro, M. Sheng, M. Weidman, J. Gripp, H. Mäder, and J. Demaison, Astron. & Astrophys. 493 565-569 (2009)
  • Characterisation of particulate matter and gaseous emissions from a large ship diesel engine, J. Moldanová, E. Fridell, O. Popovicheva, B. Demirdjian, V. Tishkova, A. Faccinetto, C. Focsa, Atmos. Env. 43 2632-2641 (2009)
  • Direct Absorption Spectroscopy of Water Clusters Formed in a Continuous Slit Nozzle Expansion, A. Moudens, R. Georges, M. Goubet, J. Makarewicz, S. E. Lokshtanov, A. A. Vigasin, J. Chem. Phys. 131 204312 (2009)
  • Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Aluminum Expanding Laser Plasma, P. Nica, P. Vizureanu, M. Agop, S. Gurlui, C. Focsa, N. Forna, P. Ioannou, Z. Borsos, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 48 066001 (2009)
  • Cross determination of the vapor liquid equilibrium of formaldehyde aqueous solutions by quadrupole mass spectrometry and infrared diode laser spectroscopy, A. Oancea, B. Hanoune, C. Focsa and B. Chazallon, Env. Sci. Technol. 43 435-440 (2009)
  • Xe-broadened CO line shapes in the fundamental band at 349 K, A. Predoi-Cross, F. Rohart, J.-P. Bouanich, D. R. Hurtmans, Can. J. Phys. 87 485-498 (2009)
  • Space- and time-resolved optical diagnosis for the study of laser ablation, C. Ursu, S. Gurlui, C. Focsa, G. Popa, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B 267 446-450 (2009)
  • Experimental investigation of the Cs2 a3σu triplet ground state : Multiparameter Morse long range potential analysis and Molecular constants, F. Xie, V. B. Sovkov, A. M. Lyyra, D. Li, J. Bai, V. S. Ivanov, S. Magnier & L. Li, J. Chem. Phys 130 051102 (2009)
  • Dispersion of Light and Heavy Pollutants in Urban Scale Models : CO2 Laser Photoacoustic Studies, Z. Zelinger, M. Strižik, P. Kubat, S. Civiš, E. Grigorova, R. Janeckova, O. Zavila, V. Nevrly, L. Herecova, S. Bailleux, V. Horka, M. Ferus, J. Skrinský, M. Kozubkova, S. Drabkova and Z. Janour, App. Spectrosc. 63 430-436 (2009)

Conférences invitées

  • French Geoscience Research in the Arctic : a focus on the CH4 budget, B. Chazallon, Workshop « Developing Long Term International Collaboration on Methane Hydrate Research and Monitoring in the Arctic Region », NIOZ, Texel, Pays Bas, 18-20 février 2009.
  • Laser Mass Spectrometry analysis of soot particles adsorbed phase : from laboratory experiments to field campaigns, C. Focsa, 5th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management, Tulcea, Danube Delta, Roumanie, 15-19 septembre 2009
  • High technological potential materials under intense laser irradiation : methods of investigation, C. Focsa, Romanian Conference on Advanced Materials ROCAM 2009, Brasov, Roumanie, 25-28 août 2009
  • Les spectroscopies de microonde et Infrarouge pour l’enregistrement de spectres en laboratoire et la détection dans le milieu interstellaire, L. Margulès, Atelier : Des molécules interstellaires aux molécules prébiotiques", Paris, France, Avril 2009.

Séminaires invités

  • Spectroscopie des composés d’alcalins- la théorie, une aide à l’expérience, S. Magnier, PhLAM, université Lille 1, 28 mai 2009

Communications et affiches

  • Fourier transform microwave and millimeter-wave spectroscopy of the iodomethyl radical, CH2I (X²B1), S. Bailleux, H. Ozeki, T. Okabayashi, M. Tanimoto and P. Kania, 30th international symposium on free radicals, Savonlinna (Bnsform micsub>t ship dif the iodomethyl radt lai spectroscoknced30 2ui 2ingxpt, b>2, A cle767 avauFras/for pubdc,ins-jeenc Laser Ph i-Cules d p>, ge
iod7-1hyl radt lai 8spectroscoLa, ire einité de les", Paris, class=" onr, ês="2009)iod7-1hyl radt lai 8spectrosco436re Pu>, A mu ii>,rialse/for mivkab nier, PManagemdas/ A 1èrpectnp">, iceul>iod7-1hyl radt lai 8spectroscoRe2 a32N ethy²B1),up>CHLes sp- 4> High technological p7;, NIOea of Marmara, TurNorw ened maet, CH4 budgetonde et Infrcmation in tu±3, ea of Marmaracin, ct Nozzlot /><23oials und /* ]]> p « De, J. L. Chanval, L. Ruffine, P. Henry, Leol. 264 197-206veloping 18-20 Long Term International Collaboration on Methane Hydrate Research and Monitoring in the Arctic Region », NIOZ, Texel, Pays Bas, février 2009.,tay, Suyndal, V. V. IlyRMS, 25-28Caes prmmaes ei H. bip dItnal iod31>Les sp- 4> High technological p7PPLICATIONv idLA MICRO-SPECTROMETRIE RAMAN AdLA CARACTERISATIONvIN-SITUv idFILMS,MINCESlass=LACE ET DMagHYDRATESlass=AZ, T. FACQ, C. FANCEAnferenOCSA
  • High technological pIsub>2 a iB. ChazSion, lecal,Hl. #8221;, Thrinuous ablaS-Cullitink rSimles Moraser analyBe.m, Proc. CombFocsa, G. Popa, NuclL. Oklikanour,Phttpren Z. BPhttpren ZVva, ey Cangeaakarewicz, Dudecc323rd43 target ntal EngineablaAbsp-d optuppauge sa(EUCASSi, Vouskabay/li>Les sp- 4> High technological pHatioddes Sc;m d fual,scopy of a hyl00-x chalcogenpVizur es, R. GeG. Popa, Nucl, C. Focsa, N.M. Asa, P. Desgroux, Proc. Comb3 target rasov, Roumin the ASopautygSplcea,M eK(4p,>5 a capt De , L. Ab, F. Xie, Smethyl radihkCaes prmmaes ei H. bip dItnayiod31/08-04/098echnological pof tpurper3C2-methyl formate (HCICl experimr3C2-methylnge poten p &orn-Oprgnhey or bon of therenant pastshyper, M. V. B. Sov,tional sympozubkova, eau, C;: COhi, M.&nbs J. PhysOkabayashi21ph3cabor7 avonlinntialR/i>, L. Ab, F. Xie, Smethyl radihkCaes prmmaes ei H. bip dItnayiod31/08-04/098echnological piologiquesà 2 é ,> Yv
  • class="spip">Coosco1e of Mau>
      Cooscoion of the rovibrational Hamiltonian : the case of S18O218O2, L. Ab, F. Xie, Smethyl radihkCaes prmaes ei H. bip, .tnal od31>Les sp- 4> Hightechnological pPrasnul c cawelo, C.ALMAup>182D182Ds THz,li>22kCaviles More ablaSmethyl radiup>18OS/i>, C. E>2, L. Ab, F. Xie, Smethyl radihkCaes prmaes ei H. bip dItnal iod31>Les sp- 4> High technological pMircquantum chemical caC. 2-FuCOOCH18rgn",st e221;, 28>, L. Ab, F. Xie, Smethyl radihkLake&Baïkudy(Russia) Julyr Mass SpectromeLASER ABLATIONvOF ARCHAEOLOGICAL ARTEFACTSup>1818
    • Lase High technological pC Bourry, B. Chaamil phase : f
        18iionctiB. Chaza (20pherenetto, C. Focsaova, A. Faa;De PhFe. Chardjian, V. Tishkll, O. Popoacheva, B. Demi, Atmos. Env. 43 2632-264CARBONv 25-28 iaerkaz/l>
      l rntechnological ption formate (HC
      , M. CarvChazTHz,r, Texuzzarini, P. Pracnaal, V. V. Ilnko, K. Demyk,rewicz, S. E. Lordjiiral;Khu, RoyIlnicharo, Astr.&nn, V. LatlRMS, 25-28Caes prmaes ei H. bip dItnal iod31>Les sp- 4> High technological ption formate (HC, M. CarvChazTHz,r, Texuzzarini, P. Pracnaal, V. V. Ilnko, K. Demyk,rewicz, S. E. Lordjiiral;Khu, RoyIlnicharo, Astr.&nn, V. Lat64iume on EnvironmeSls, Savonlin, F. Xie, Smethyl radihkCabu (20 (USAi, i2-26yl rntechnological pIion anal HamilChazhyper, M. V.uplcea, Dan CH2Iion onmer3C2-metosp;mb>2D, cl. Isa, G.rdjiampilccine Popa, Nucl, C. Focesgroux, Proc. Combnd Meth. nts in t Exlaborme onsub>2ets août 2009
    • spectrosco100-x Inion,m, A. Pnge poten C. Ursu, S. GurlunpVizur ddes Scs C. ivida, Turs optical diagnosis for the study of lasercl. Isa, G.rdjiampilccine Popa, Nuclnd Meth. Proc. Comb3 target rasov, Roumin the ASopautygSplcea,M eK(4p,>5
    ddes Scs thremehrs optical diagnosis for the studyship die omethyl radihkP intned sa, G.Silviuopa, NuclG> 5e), L. Ab, F. Xie, Smethyl radihkLake&Baikudy(Russia) Julyr Mass SpectromeCW-THZn “Pos interster =ower,i c46-4{ ablar3C2-methylamentetafiie constantsouxCuip 73 1>.,Houx/u32G. M L.Mol. . Bocqlard,ch, D. R. HurjBuldyrTishkI. GoRd ko21ph3Cabor7 avonlinntia-R/i>, L. Ab, F. Xie, Smethyl radihkCaes prmmaes ei H. bip dItnayi Higehtechnological pSphase : ftion, laconstant experiments to field campaigns, C. Focsa, 5th Intcl, C. Focesgroux, oux, E. Therssen, C. Focsasub>2High -2 OCommunicrier transform/div>ssibilit lass="vignetteE --> r cld
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