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Cell cycle and differentiation

par Benjamin PFEUTY - publié le , mis à jour le

Living cells often alternate between proliferation and differentiation states as part of individual or collective strategies to adapt to complex and ever-changing environments. This is especially the case in multicellular organisms that requires a precise spatio-temporal control of cell fate (quiescence, division, differentiation or death) to achieve proper tissue development and homeostasis. The aim is to better understand the regulatory logic of cell-fate decisions at single- and multi-cell levels, and a dynamical modeling approach is used to address a variety of related issues :

- Plasticity of the cell-division cycle
- Coordination of proliferation and differentiation in stem cells
- Network and dynamical mechanisms underlying cellular decision-making


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- T. David-Pfeuty, J.F. Bodart (Univ. of Lille 1), K. Kaneko (Univ. of Tokyo)
- B. Pain, C. Kress (Stem-cell and Brain Research Institute)


- Postdoc offer available on these topics. Please contact :
- Benjamin PFEUTY (