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Pure and applied spectroscopy

by Manuel GOUBET, Thérèse HUET - published on , updated on

The « pure and applied spectroscopy » group is composed of 15 assistant-professors and professors and 2 researchers. Prof. Bertrand CHAZALLON is the group leader since 2018.

Research activities:

The research field of the group “pure and applied spectroscopy” is experimental molecular physical-chemistry. The activity of the three teams is directed towards the study of fundamental process, applied to problems of atmospheric physics and astrophysics:

  • Spectroscopic signatures of complex organic molecules (COMs)
  • Spectroscopic signatures of molecular ions and radicals
  • Study of large amplitude motions (torsion CH3)
  • Study of hydrated complexes (hydrogen bond)
  • Processes of molecular collisions (lineshapes)
  • Trace gases incorporation in the ice - multiphase equilibrium
  • Soot formation in combustion processes
  • Heterogeneous nucleation processes on aerosols
  • Characterization of laser ablation plasmas
  • Characterization of materials for optics
  • Thin films synthesis
  • Laser ablation applied to biology and medecine
  • Processes of spin conversion


For these studies, the teams have made efforts in the instrumental developments and possess state-of-art spectrometers:



  • Labex CaPPA (Chemical and Physical Properties of the Atmosphere) 2012-2019
  • ANR-08-BLAN-0054 « TOPMODEL »
  • ANR-08-BLAN-0225 « FORCOMS »
  • ANR-09-BLAN-0066 « GASOSPIN »
  • ANR-10-BLAN-0724 « NCPCHEM »
  • Action sur Projet CNRS-INSU Physico-Chimie du Milieu Interstellaire
  • Action sur Projet CNRS-INSU LEFE-CHAT
  • Programme CORAC – Projet MERMOSE