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Research Engineer - CNRS

Contact :
- Bâtiment IRCICA - Bureau 010
- Tel : +33(0)362 53 15 26

Research Topics

- Fiber preform synthesis by Outside Vapor Deposition
- Experimental designs

Current Research

Research Experience


2014 :

2013 :

  • Valentin, C., P. Calvet, et al. (2013). "Top-hat beam output of a single-mode microstructured optical fiber : Impact of core index depression." Optics Express 21(20) : 23250-23260.
  • Granzow, N., M. A. Schmidt, et al. (2013). "Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in As2S3-silica "nano-spike" step-index waveguide." Opt. Express 21(9) : 10969-10977.
  • Lee, K., N. Granzow, et al. (2013). Mid-IR Frequency Combs From Coherent Supercontinuum Generation in Chalcogenide Nano-Spike Waveguides. CLEO : 2013, Optical Society of America.

2011 :

  • Duhant, M., W. Renard, et al. (2011). "Fourth-order cascaded Raman shift in AsSe chalcogenide suspended-core fiber pumped at 2µm." Optics letters 36(15) : 2859-2861.
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  • Renversez, G., M. Duhant, et al. (2011). Nonlinear effects above 2 µm in chalcogenide suspended core microstructured optical fibers : modeling and experiments. 2011 Ieee Photonics Conference. New York, Ieee : 61-62.
  • Troles, J., L. Brilland, et al. (2011). Chalcogenide suspended-core fibers : manufacturing and nonlinear properties at 1. 55 μm. International Congress on Transparent Optical Networks ICTON. Stockholm, Sweden.

2010 :

  • Coulombier, Q., L. Brilland, et al. (2010). "Casting method for producing low-loss chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers." Optics Express 18(9) : 9107-9112.
  • Coulombier, Q., M. Sergent, et al. (2010). "Sulfide-halide glasses with high nonlinear refractive index and low nonlinear absorption." Optical Materials 32(9) : 1102-1106.
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2009 :

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2008 :

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2007 :

  • Wilhelm, A. A., C. Boussard-Plédel, et al. (2007). "Development of Far-Infrared-Transmitting Te Based Glasses Suitable for Carbon Dioxide Detection and Space Optics." Advanced Materials 19(22) : 3796-3800.