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par Bernard SEGARD, Bruno MACKE - publié le , mis à jour le

Emeritus Professor
Université Lille 1

Contact :
- Building P5 - Office 54
- Tel : +33(0)3 20 43 47 84

Current Research Topics

- Fast Light and Slow Light
- Optical Precusors

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Other Research Topics

- Dynamics of optical bistable devices.

Intrinsic dynamics (multimode instabilities).

Switching dynamics (critical and non-critical slowing down).

Response to a periodical modulation.

Scaling laws of hysteresis loops.

- Coherent transients in optically thin mediums.

Nutation et optical precession, photons echoes, rotary echoes.

Application to the study of coherence-exchange between molecules

- Double resonance in molecular physics

Theoretical study in the framework of the dressed molecule formalism.

Experimental evidence of dispersion and saturation effects