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Control of cell fate with oxidative stress

par Johanna Leclercq - publié le

Title of the PhD project :
Control of cell fate with oxidative stress

Name of the PhD Director : Benjamin PFEUTY
Name of the co-director or collaborator : Francois ANQUEZ

Laboratory : PhLAM

Financial supports : AAP Région, Ecole doctoral SMRE

Identified Research Programmes : CPER P4S, Labex CEMPI

Summary of the PhD project :
A living organism in general and a human cell in partical are constantly exposed to various stress of stress. These stress typically induce diverse response ranging from adaptation, senescence, apoptosis, necrosis, dedifferentiation or transformation.

The topic of the thesis is to better understand the stress pattern and the intracellular mechanisms that « decide » the response and the fate of the cell, with in fine the aim to elaborate strategies to control cell fate by monitoring the stress. We will focus on the case of oxidative stress that impact the cell at many levels of the metabolism, and we will mainly use computational approaches in tight coupling with experiments developped in PhLAM laboratory.

Preliminary efforts will be devoted to identify metabolic and regulatory mechanisms that helps cells to adapt and maintain homeostasis agains reactive oxidatives species (ROS). The next step will be to evaluate more broadly the signaling roles of ROS in death, proliferating and differentiation pathways.

Special attention will be paid to the variability of the response, in a clonogenic population or between different cell lines (noncancerous, cancerous). Finally, these computational insights will be seized on to experimental test the working hypothesis : is it possible to control the fate of cells by monitoring/modulating exogeneous/endogeneous oxidative stress ? Answer to this question will pave the road toward anticancerous strategies targeting ROS.