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Nonlinear optics in highly multimode optical fibers

par Johanna Leclercq - publié le

Title of the PhD project :
Nonlinear optics in highly multimode optical fibers

Name of the PhD Director : Alexandre Kudlinski
Names of the co-director or collaborator : Matteo Conforti, Arnaud Mussot

Laboratory : PhLAM

Financial support :
« Thèse labellisée » (Commission Recherche de l’Université de Lille)

Identified Research Programmes :
CPER Photonics 4 Society, Equipex FLUX, Labex CEMPI, ANR Heafisy

Summary of the PhD project :
The PhD topic deals with the study of nonlinear effects in graded-index highly multimode fibers. Very recent studies [1] have shown the possibility to observe new and significant nonlinear effects in this type of fibers using high power long and short pulses. Their origin is linked to the linear properties of graded-index fibers, which feature a periodic self-imaging of the modal distribution along the fiber. This induces a periodic evolution of the intensity in the center of the fiber core, which allows quasi phase-matching processes to take place, and thus the possibility to discover or revisit a large variety of nonlinear effects.

The subject of the PhD will be to study these effects in graded-index fibers with a periodically varying core diameter along the fiber (in addition to the periodic self-imaging process). The fabrication of these fibers will be done at the FiberTech technological facility [2] located at the IRCICA institute, where the technology allowing to fabricate these fibers is currently under progress and has already shown very promising preliminary results. In addition, the team possesses a very well equipped laboratory, with state of the art characterization tools for nonlinear fiber optics.

The PhD student will participate to the fiber technological development and to nonlinear optics experiments, or to theoretical and numerical simulation studies, depending on her/his wishes. She/he will evolve in a stimulating team, with experts in theory and experiments in nonlinear fiber optics well recognized by the scientific community.

[1] L. G. Wright et al., "Self-organized instability in graded-index multimode fibres," Nature Photonics 10, p. 771–776 (2016).