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Marcus Werner Beims (Univ. Federal do Parana, Curitiba, Brésil)

par Jean-Claude GARREAU - publié le

Le 12 juin 2017 - 11 h - salle 172 - bâtiment P5 bis

Ratchet currents in parameter space

In this talk I present the parameter space of a discrete ratchet model which gives direct connections between chaotic domains and a family of isoperiodic stable structures with the ratchet current. The isoperiodic structures, where larger currents are usually observed inside, appear along preferred direction in the parameter space giving a guide to follow the current. Currents in parameter space provide a direct measure of the momentum asymmetry of the multistable and chaotic attractors times the size of the corresponding basin of attraction. Results about the thermal and vacuum fluctuations effects on classical and quantum ratchet currents, respectively, are presented.