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DNLSOB — New tools for measuring molecular dynamics applied to study of transcription regulation in stress response.

by Webmestre - published on

PhD Director: Laurent Héliot

The cells in every organism are regularly exposed to environmental stresses (variation in temperature, pressure, intoxication ...) or consecutive endogenous stresses (inflammation, fever, cancer ...). These stresses impose a rapid adaptability in order to ensure cell survival. This adaptation are resulted in particular by modification of the expression of target genes. The best-preserved response mechanism between species uses the Heat Shock Factor (HSF), which induces the production of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs). During stress respond in human cells, in addition to promoters of hsp genes, HSF1 is strongly recruited during thermal stress at binding sites in non- coding regions including the human chromosome 9 (9q12) pericentromeric region. The mechanism of regulation of this activation of transcription in response to stress is very important but paradoxically still little known, because its study requires to carry out quantifications in individual living cell. In this thesis project we propose, on the one hand, to developp a method for measuring molecular dynamics by coupling the technique of tracking of single molecule (SPT-PALM) with fluorescence correlation techniques (FCS). On the other hand the student will participate to the development of algorithms to generate models on the basis of biophysical approaches and analytical methods allowing to exploit experimental data, to extract and classify the parameters of interest and to compare them with the data resulting from the modeling.