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DYSCO — Topological transport in photonic lattices

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PhD Director : Alberto AMO, Pierre SURET

Laboratory/ies : PhLAM

Summary of the PhD project

One of the most interesting phenomenon in interacting fluids is the emergence of turbulence : particle interactions lead to a redistribution of the energy injected in the system from large length-scales to small length-scales, the so-called turbulent cascades. The most popular manifestation of this phenomenon is the appearance of vortices and eddies in turbulent flow of water. Despite its universality, the physical mechanisms behind this redistribution remain largely unknown.
In this PhD thesis we propose to study the emergence of turbulence in a fluid of light in a semiconductor microcavity. The extraordinary nonlinear optical properties of this system have already been used to demonstrate light superfluidity and the nucleation of soliton and vortices. By Using state of the art ultrafast detection techniques recently developed by Stéphane Randoux and Pierre Suret at PhLAM, we plan to study experimentally the emergence of turbulence and the physics behind the formation of turbulence cascades in a fluid of light.

By engineering polariton lattices with nontrivial symmetries and topology, we will address how the existence of such symmetries alters the turbulence cascades. In an inverse approach, we will study how nonlinearities affect the topological properties of polariton lattices.

The thesis will be developed in an optics microscopy laboratory, at the crossroads of quantum simulation and optics, and it will be done closed collaboration with theoretical groups involved in international projects. It will take advantage of the continuity of an ERC grant leaded by A. Amo on the implementation of topological properties in polariton systems.

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