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Research at PhLAM

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An unifying theme of research at PhLAM is the interaction of light with matter.

Activities are predominantly experimental, but with a very strong coupling with theory.

There are two main axes : Molecular Physics & Optical and Atomic Physics

  • Molecular Physics
    • Spectroscopy and its applications : Experimental high-resolution spectroscopy, molecular spectra, with applications to astrophysics and atmospheric physics
    • Physical chemistry modeling and theory : Ab initio calculations of molecular spectra,
      molecular dynamics, ... Theoretical and numerical developments, applications to astrophysics and atmospheric physics
  • Optical and Atomic Physics
    • Photonics : optical fiber design (fiber drawing facility), telecommunications, nonlinear photonics,...
    • Nonlinear dynamics of optical and biological systems : chaos, instabilities, pattern formation, optical turbulence, quantum optics, optical analogues of hydrodynamics, dynamics of biological functions, biophotonics,...
    • Physics of cold atoms : quantum chaos, disorder and localization, nonlinear quantum mechanics, Bose-Einstein condensation,...

Fundamental physics and interdisciplinarity

Physicists at PhLAM develop fundamental science, interacting strongly with colleagues in many other fields :

  • Chemistry : From molecular energy spectra to chemical properties
  • Atmospheric and climate sciences, astrophysics : Signature of molecues in the atmosphere or in the interstellar space
  • Material science : Design of materials for optical fibers
  • Mathematics : Dynamics of complex systems, solitons, quantum chaos, ...
  • Biology and pharmacology : Design of strategies against cancer or metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes,...)
  • Information and communication technologies : Data flow in optical fibers, amplifiers, multiplexing,...
  • Micro- and nanosystems : Microfluidics for the manipulation of cells

Key numbers and facts

  • 74 researchers : 14 CNRS researchers and 60 faculty members
  • 20 technical and administrative staff (13 from CNRS and 7 from Lille 1)
  • 45 doctoral students
  • 9 post-docs and 9 other temporary staff.
  • Recruitments over 2010-2015 : 11 young permanent faculty members and 3 CNRS
  • Scientific production for 2008-2013 : 460 articles in refereed journals, 150 invited conferences, 8 books and 9 patents.
  • Annual budget : around 2.5 M€.
  • Partner of two « Laboratoire d’Excellence » :
    • CEMPI (Mathematics and Physics)
    • CaPPA (physics and chemistry of the atmosphere)
  • Manager of an « Equipement d’Excellence » : FIBERTECH (optical fiber facility) and partner of another : REFIMEVE+ (fiber network for frequency standard distribution)
  • Partner of two « CPER » projects :
    • Photonics4Society (Photonics for telecommunications and life sciences)
    • CLIMIBIO (atmosphere and climate)