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PIRIM Claire

par Claire PIRIM - publié le , mis à jour le

Associate Professor
Université Lille 1

Contact :
- Bâtiment CERLA - Bureau R06
- Tel : +33(0)320 33 64 70

Claire Pirim is associate professor of Physics at the University of Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies and undertakes her research in the ANATRAC research group since September 1st, 2014. She received her Ph.D. (2011) in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry from the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris VI (France) for her study of radical reactions relevant to astrochemical environments (such as H+CO) at very low temperatures in the condensed phase. She then joined the EPICS laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) in 2011 as a postdoctoral research fellow. Her research focused then on understanding the reactions occurring on Titan’s surface and aerosols within the atmosphere. The emphasis was on determining whether meteoritic mineral deposits or organics ices could catalyze the formation of more complex molecules possessing a prebiotic character under the influence of space weathering agents. Her field of research is related to surface science. As a member of the ANATRAC group, she now uses a wide range of spectroscopic and mass spectrometry techniques to characterize ices and soot particles. She also investigates the physical and chemical phenomena occurring at the solid-gas interface under conditions relevant to atmospheric and astrophysical environments.

Publication list :

  • N. L. La Cruz, D. Qasim, H. Abbott-Lyon, C. Pirim, A. D. McKee, T.M. Orlando, M. Gull, D. Lindsay, M.A. Pasek, The evolution of the surface of the mineral schreibersite in prebiotic chemistry (2016) Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics DOI : 10.1039/C6CP00836D
  • Pirim, C., Gann, R.D., McLain, J.L., Orlando, T.M. Electron-molecule chemistry and charging processes on organic ices and Titan’s icy aerosol surrogates (2015) Icarus, 258, pp. 109-119.
  • Pirim, C., Pasek, M.A., Sokolov, D.A., Sidorov, A.N., Gann, R.D., Orlando, T.M.
    Investigation of schreibersite and intrinsic oxidation products from Sikhote-Alin, Seymchan, and Odessa meteorites and Fe3P and Fe2NiP synthetic surrogates
    (2014) Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 140, pp. 259-274.
  • Pirim, C., Krim, L. Hydrogenation of CO on interstellar dust : What is the role of water molecules ? (2014) RSC Advances, 4 (30), pp. 15419-15427.
  • Dawley, M.M., Pirim, C., Orlando, T.M. Radiation processing of formamide and formamide:Water ices on silicate grain analogue (2014) Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 118 (7), pp. 1228-1236.
  • Dawley, M.M., Pirim, C., Orlando, T.M. Thermal processing of formamide ices on silicate grain analogue (2014) Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 118 (7), pp. 1220-1227
  • Jeilani, Y.A., Orlando, T.M., Pope, A., Pirim, C., Nguyen, M.T. Prebiotic synthesis of triazines from urea : A theoretical study of free radical routes to melamine, ammeline, ammelide and cyanuric acid (2014) RSC Advances, 4 (61), pp. 32375-32382.
  • Bennett, C.J., Pirim, C., Orlando, T.M. Space-weathering of solar system bodies : A laboratory perspective (2013) Chemical Reviews, 113 (12), pp. 9086-9150.
  • Zins, E.L., Pirim, C., Vettier, L., Chaboud, M., Krim, L.May interstellar leucine react with NO radicals present in interstellar/interplanetary medium ? An ion-trap mass spectrometry study (2013) International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 348, pp. 47-52.
  • Zins, E.-L., Pirim, C., Joshi, P.R., Krim, L. Reactivity between non-energetic hydroxyl (OH) radicals and methane (CH4) (2012) Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 116 (50), pp. 12357-12363.
  • Pirim, C., Krim, L. A neon-matrix isolation study of the reaction of non-energetic H-atoms with CO molecules at 3 K (2011) Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13 (43), pp. 19454-19459.
  • Pirim, C., Krim, L. An FTIR study on the catalytic effect of water molecules on the reaction of CO successive hydrogenation at 3 K (2011) Chemical Physics, 380 (1-3), pp. 67-76.
  • Pirim, C., Krim, L., Laffon, C., Parent, Ph., Pauzat, F., Pilmé, J., Ellinger, Y.
    Preliminary study of the influence of environment conditions on the successive hydrogenations of CO (2010) Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 114 (9), pp. 3320-3328.
  • Barboza, M., Sela, D.A., Pirim, C., LoCascio, R.G., Freeman, S.L., German, J.B., Mills, D.A., Lebrilla, C.B. Glycoprofiling bifidobacterial consumption of galacto-oligosaccharides by mass spectrometry reveals strain-specific, preferential consumption of glycans (2009) Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 75 (23), pp. 7319-7325.

May 18, 2016